For almost 30 years, AHP has produced publications for HIV service providers. Our library offers practical guides to counseling techniques and HIV- and LGBTQ-related mental health information. This AHP library includes newsletters and books:


Started in 1991, this newsletter (and its occasional Supplement) is devoted to continuing education for HIV antibody test counseling and other brief HIV prevention counseling venues. Available for free online with a searchable index of issues back to 1991. [Link: Perspectives Sign-Up] Sign up to be on our subscription list and receive email notification of publication.

FOCUS: A Guide to AIDS Research and Counseling

Running between 1985 and 2010, FOCUS was the longest running HIV-related mental health publication, covering the full range of HIV-related issues for the broadest audience of providers. Its authors were leaders in the field from around the world. Available online with searchable index of issues back to 1985.

Books and Monographs

AHP has published more than a dozen books including two classic anthologies on HIV-related psychosocial issues, mental health, and counseling, and its Monograph Series, 100-page volumes that cover depression, bereavement, HIV medical treatment, triple diagnosis, and cognitive impairment. Many available online through our search feature.




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