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“Beyond the Hero-Healer” “Editorial: Truth and Metaphor” and “Dreamwork and AIDS”

FOCUS V09(2)

“Beyond the Hero-Healer”

By Allan B. Chinen, MD

“Editorial: Truth and Metaphor”

By Robert Marks, Editor

“Dreamwork and AIDS”

By Robert Bosnak, JD, IAAP


“HIVDisease in Print” “Psychosocial Interventions” “Support Groups” “Relationships in Crisis” “Hope, Humor and Healing” “Rethinking AIDS” “AIDS and Mental Health” and “HIV and Alcohol”

FOCUS V09(1)

“HIVDisease in Print”

“Psychosocial Interventions”

By George Harrison, MD

“Support Groups”

By Marcia Quackenbush, MFCC

“Relationships in Crisis”

By David Silven, PhD

“Hope, Humor and Healing”

By Dan McPherson, PhD

“Rethinking AIDS”

By Michael McGrath, MD

“AIDS and Mental Health”

By Eric Schoenfeld, PhD

“HIV and Alcohol”

By Robert A. Matano, PhD and Amy B. Bronstone, PhD