FOCUS: A Guide to AIDS Research and Counseling

Running between 1985 and 2010, FOCUS was the longest running HIV-related mental health publication, covering the full range of HIV-related issues for the broadest audience of providers. Its authors were leaders in the field from around the world. Available online with searchable index of issues back to 1985.

After more than 20 years of publication, FOCUS remains a leading HIV and mental health newsletter. Published 10 times per year, FOCUS reviews the counseling aspects of AIDS: how HIV-related counseling is affected by the medical, epidemiological, and social realities of AIDS, as well as the emotional response to the disease. It is written for mental health and health care providers working on the front lines and is of interest to researchers, policy makers, and program administrators.

Each issue focuses on a particular topic and includes two articles, summaries of recently published articles on the topic, and an expanded reference list of published resources.

Use the pull-down menu to the right to select the issue you wish to view.

Below is a complete list all all FOCUS Issues dating back to 1985. Click on a volume to read about and download specific issues.

Volume 24 (2009–2010)

Volume 23 (2008)

FOCUS 23(1) Winter 2008

FOCUS 23(2) Spring 2008

FOCUS 23(3) Summer 2008

FOCUS 23(4) Fall 2008

Volume 22 (2007)bg

FOCUS 22(1)

FOCUS 22(2)

FOCUS 22(3)

FOCUS 22(4)

FOCUS 22(5)

FOCUS 22(7)

Volume 21 (2006)

FOCUS 21(1)

FOCUS 21(2)

FOCUS 21(3)

FOCUS 21(4)

FOCUS 21(5)

FOCUS 21(7)

FOCUS 21(8)

FOCUS 21(9)

FOCUS 21(10)

FOCUS 21(11)

Volume 20 (2005)

FOCUS 20(1)

FOCUS 20(2)

FOCUS 20(3)

FOCUS 20(4)

FOCUS 20(5)

FOCUS 20(6)

FOCUS 20(7)

FOCUS 20(8)

FOCUS 20(9)

FOCUS 20(10)

Volume 19 (2004)

FOCUS 19(1)

FOCUS 19(2)

FOCUS 19(3)

FOCUS 19(4)

FOCUS 19(5)

FOCUS 19(6)

FOCUS 19(7)

FOCUS 19(8)

FOCUS 19(10)

FOCUS 19(11)

Volume 18 (2003)

FOCUS 18(2)

FOCUS 18(3)

FOCUS 18(4)

FOCUS 18(5)

FOCUS 18(6)

FOCUS 18(7)

FOCUS 18(8)

FOCUS 18(9)

FOCUS 18(10)

FOCUS 18(11)

Volume 09 (1993-94)

Volume 08 (1992-93)

FOCUS V08(1)

FOCUS V08(1supp)

FOCUS V08(2)

FOCUS V08(3)

FOCUS V08(4)

FOCUS V08(4supp)

FOCUS V08(5)

FOCUS V08(6)

FOCUS V08(7)

FOCUS V08(7supp)

FOCUS V08(8)

FOCUS V08(9)

FOCUS V08(10)

FOCUS V08(10supp)

FOCUS V08(11)

Focus V08(12)

Volume 07 (1991-92)

FOCUS V07(1)

FOCUS V07(1supp)

FOCUS V07(2)

FOCUS V07(3)

FOCUS V07(4)

FOCUS V07(4supp)

FOCUS V07(5)

FOCUS V07(6)

FOCUS V07(7)

FOCUS V07(7supp)

FOCUS V07(8)

FOCUS V07(9)

FOCUS V07(10)

FOCUS V07(10supp)

FOCUS V07(11)

FOCUS V07(12)

Volume 06 (1990-91)

FOCUS V06(1)

FOCUS V06(2)

FOCUS V06(3)

FOCUS V06(4)

FOCUS V06(5)

FOCUS V06(6)

FOCUS V06(7)

FOCUS V06(8)

FOCUS V06(9)

FOCUS V06(10)

FOCUS V06(11)

FOCUS V06(12)

Volume 05 (1989-90)

FOCUS V05(1)

FOCUS V05(2)

FOCUS V05(3)

FOCUS V05(4)

FOCUS V05(5)

FOCUS V05(6)

FOCUS V05(7)

FOCUS V05(8)

FOCUS V05(9)

FOCUS V05(10)

FOCUS V05(11)

FOCUS V05(12)

Volume 04 (1988-89)

FOCUS 04(1)

FOCUS V04(2)

FOCUS V04(3)

FOCUS V04(4)

FOCUS V04(5)

FOCUS V04(6)

FOCUS V04(7)

FOCUS V04(8)

FOCUS V04(9)

FOCUS V04(10)

FOCUS V04(11)

FOCUS V04(12)

Volume 03 (1987-88)

FOCUS V03(1)

FOCUS V03(2)

FOCUS V03(3)

FOCUS V03(4)

FOCUS V03(5)

FOCUS V03(6)

FOCUS V03(7)

FOCUS V03(8)

FOCUS V03(9)

FOCUS V03(10)

FOCUS V03(11)

FOCUS V03(12)

Volume 02 (1986-87)

FOCUS V02(1.0)

FOCUS V02(1.1)

FOCUS V02(2)

FOCUS V02(3)

FOCUS V02(4)

FOCUS V02(5)

FOCUS V02(6)

FOCUS V02(7)

FOCUS V02(8)

FOCUS V02(9)

FOCUS V02(10)

FOCUS V02(11)

FOCUS V02(12)

Volume 01 (1985-86)

FOCUS V01(1)

FOCUS V01(2)

FOCUS V01(3)

FOCUS V01(4)

FOCUS V01(5)

FOCUS V01(6)

FOCUS V01(7)

FOCUS V01(8)

FOCUS V01(9)

FOCUS V01(10)

FOCUS V01(11)


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